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Our Body Sculpting Treatments will help you Lose Inches In Weeks!


 Does Body Sculpting Work?


I know. You are skeptical. There are so many fads out there and you’ve been disappointed. Body sculpting is different.

Body sculpting is scientifically proven to get rid of fat cells on targeted areas of the body. 

 The cells  are gone forever and won’t grow back.



Body Sculpting Results
Body Sculpting Gets Results!!

Body sculpting refers to treatments that are designed to sculpt and shape your body.  Laser Lipo, Radiofrequency Skin Tightening and Cavitation Lipo (aka ultrasonic cavitation) offer unique solutions for tightening your skin and improving its overall tone and texture. 

 There is Zero Downtime/ Zero Pain!  

Book a FREE consultation and let us help you determine which technique is right for you. 

🔹 Laser Lipolysis: Melt away stubborn fat cells and tighten your skin using the power of laser energy. 

🔹 Radiofrequency: Destroy fat cells and reveal a toned appearance with the application of heat energy. 

🔹 Ultrasound/RF: Say goodbye to unwanted fat cells and tighten your skin using the magic of sound waves.

🔹Trusculpt Flex: This treatment uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy to destroy fat cells and simultaneously tone and build muscle. It is most commonly used to target the stomach, thighs, and arms.


Services We Provide

Radio-Frequency Fat Reduction

Radio-Frequency Utilizes The Power Of Thermal Energy To Permanently Eliminate Fat Cells. The Energy Delivery Is Automatically Adjusted To Reach And Sustain A Therapeutic Temperature Of Over 45ºC In The Fat Layer, While The Skin Temperature Consistently Stays 3-4ºC Cooler. Heating The Fat Cells Triggers Apoptosis (Programmed Cell Death). The Cells Are Irreversibly Damaged And Then Excreted Through The Body Naturally Over A 12-Week Period. The Result Is A Reduction In Fat, As Well As A Tighter And Firm Skin Appearance, Reduction In Circumference, Improvement In Cellulite Appearance, And Enhanced Body Contours.The Machine’s Hand Pieces Can Be Applied Simultaneously To A Treatment Area, Such As The Abdomen And Flanks, In A 15-Minute Session.

Ultrasonic Cavitation

Ultrasound Cavitation Is A Cosmetic Procedure That’s Used To Break Apart Fat Deposits In Your Body. Ultrasound Waves Are Sent Deep Into The Layers Of Your Skin, Causing A Disruptive Vibration. Fat Cells Then Break Apart From Each Other And Are Dislodged From Your Dermal Layers. After A Few Days, The Fat Cells Are Absorbed By Your Lymphatic System And Drained As Waste From Your Body.

Laser Lipo Treatment

Laser Lipo Emits Low-Level Diode Laser Energy, Which Creates A Chemical Signal In The Fat Cells, Breaking Down The Stored Triglycerides Into Free Fatty Acids And Glycerol, Releasing Them Though Channels In The Cell Membranes. The Fatty Acids And Glycerol Are Then Transported Around The Body To The Tissues That Will Use Them During Metabolism To Create Energy. This Process Of Fatty Acid Release Is A Natural Response Of The Body When The Body Needs To Use Stored Energy Reserves.



Your Little Secret Body Sculpting
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Your Little Secret Body Sculpting
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